Leaking Roof Stops Court Session In Abia

By KayCee May 20, 2014 23:41

The leaking room of the Aba-na-Ohazu Customary Court in Abia State, forced the court to adjourn sitting after a heavy rain fall.

As the rain fell through the roof on lawyers and files, the Magistrate, Diamond Olewengwa, and two other members of the court had to withdraw into the chamber.

The counsels had to take shelter in a corner of the court room as court attendants made frantic efforts to protect court documents while buckets were placed at the leaking points to prevent the water from splashing on the floor.

A lawyer in the court, M. N. Uzoechu, described the situation as “very unfortunate” and accused the various administrations in the state of neglecting the courts.

“That is why you are witnessing these leaking roofs in our court houses here in Abia.

“However, we must commend the effort of the present governor in attempting to build a new high court complex in Aba; but that is not enough.

“So, we request him to seek out other court houses in bad shape like this one and rehabilitate them.

“No magistrate or judge can be comfortable dispensing sound justice in an environment like this.

“If the judiciary is the last hope of the common man, then, what story will leaking roofs of our court houses tell of the plight of common men in Abia,? he queried.

Another lawyer who did not want his name mentioned, called on the state government to “get its priorities right”.

The lawyer said that courts were also a means of generating revenue for the state and as such, should not be neglected in terms of rehabilitation.



By KayCee May 20, 2014 23:41