Keke Operators Protest Extortion In Anambra

By KayCee May 21, 2014 21:37

Commercial and vehicular movements were disrupted  in Onitsha yesterday, as commercial tricycle operators  under the aegis of Keke Drivers Association, Anambra State,  staged a peaceful demonstration against alleged extortion and multiple taxation by the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) department of the state government and other revenue agents in the state.

Commercial activities were disrupted in Onitsha the commercial capital Anambra state as keke napep operators under the aegis of Keke Drivers Association , Anambra State, held a peaceful demonstration against the multiple taxation and multiple extortion by the state’s Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) board of the state government and other revenue agents in the state

During the demonstration, which took place simultaneously in various parts of the state but coordinated from Onitsha, the tricycle drivers carried placards with some inscriptions to buttress their points.

Some of the inscriptions read, : ‘God-fathers are killing us”, “Rescue us from Agulu god-fathers”, “Thugs are criminals, stop them now”, “Gov. Obiano, don’t give Keke job orders to two Agulu warlords” and “Please help, the two Onwas from Agulu are killing and milking us”.

Addressing the members shortly after the demonstration, the chairman, secretary and public relations officer, of the association, Agugua Simon Uchenna, John-Michael Ezukwu and Ogbonna Chidiebere respectively, said they were demonstrating against some persons extorting them by way of forcing them to buy assorted types of tickets.

They alleged that the state IGR department  had conspired with some identified revenue agents and the police, using different types of printed tickets to extort as much as N700 and N1,000 per tricyclist per day, in all parts of the state, especially in Onitsha

They, therefore, appealed to the governor and the appropriate government authorities to come to their rescue in the interest of peace and harmony, as the menace of the revenue agents has become unbearable.





By KayCee May 21, 2014 21:37